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Will the GOP Investigate Trump’s Conflict of Interest?

jason_chaffetz_113th_congressRiddled with the smell of conflict of interest, Donald Trump is a huge target for congressional investigation. Will the GOP, who now control all levers of government, dare investigate Trump’s conflict of interest in his various businesses in the US and around the globe? Seventeen congressional Democrat, who are members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, have called on the chairman of that committee, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) to “begin reviewing [Trump’s] financial arrangements in order to identify and protect against conflicts of interest.” Chaffetz has so far not yet replied.

Chaffetz wsa the one who abused his authority by launching expensive, unending, taxpayer-funded investigations on Hillary Clinton’s emails. Will he do the right thing and launch just one investigation on Trump? It’s doubtful, yet the moral imperative of the nation calls for it.

“You have the authority to launch a committee investigation, and we are calling on you to use that power now,” Elijah Cummings, Democrats’ leader in that panel, and 16 other Democrats wrote. “You acted with unprecedented urgency to hold ‘emergency’ hearings and issue multiple unilateral subpoenas to investigate [Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton] before the election. We ask that you show the same sense of urgency now.” Will Chaffetz show that same sense of urgency with regards to legitimate concerns about Donald Trump’s finances and conflict of interest? Read More…

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