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Trump Finally Concedes Russian Influence

After many weeks of disputing the consensus of 17 US intelligence agency finding that the Russians had meddled with the US presidential elections, Donald Trump has finally conceded that the Russians have influenced the elections to help him win. It was an awkward and bizarre behavior for someone who would …

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President Obama Gives Farewell Speech

In a riveting speech in his hometown of Chicago, President Obama bid farewell to the American people, on January 10, 2017. This was President Obama’s final speech as president of the nation. In his speech, he recounted the numerous successes of his administration in the last eight years. He also …

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Gutless Republicans Retreat Under Fire

The morning after the House Republicans approved a secretive vote to eliminate an ethics watchdog, the Republicans were under a massive fire from their constituents who disapproved of the sinister move. Tuesday morning was supposed to be a Republican showcase of a beefed up political muscle of a unified, triumphant …

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Shameless House Republicans Gut Independent Ethics Office

On the eve of an historical power shift in Washington, DC, the House Republican conference voted, without advanced notice, to gut the independent Office of Congressional Ethics. This is the investigative office created in 2008 in response to reported misconduct by members of congress. Three members of congress are serving …

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