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Trump Screws Up Asia Region With One Phone Call

In one phone call heard round the world, Donald Trump screwed up the complex relationship between the United States and China. Richard Nixon, who worked out this relationship with then Chinese president Mao Zedong, must be turning in his grave. With this one phone call, rattled representatives of the entire …

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Economy Recovered and Grew Under President Obama

President Obama inherited a seriously crumbling economy. Bold measures had to be taken to prevent it from total collapse. And now, as President Obama prepares to leave office, he hands over a red hot, fully recovered economy to Donald Trump. Trump had campaigned by lambasting the US economy, calling it …

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Is Trump a Twitter Fool?

Controversy is raging among journalists, some arguing that we should ignore Trump’s tweets, and others saying that would be a disservice to the readers. Trump creates controversy by using his thumbs to send out outrageous and outlandish conspiracy theories, including those alleging, without proof, that “millions of illegals” voted for …

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Will the GOP Investigate Trump’s Conflict of Interest?

Riddled with the smell of conflict of interest, Donald Trump is a huge target for congressional investigation. Will the GOP, who now control all levers of government, dare investigate Trump’s conflict of interest in his various businesses in the US and around the globe? Seventeen congressional Democrat, who are members …

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