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Does Trump Repudiate Capitalism

When President-elect Donald J. Trump intervened and coerced Carrier to keep some jobs in America, did he repudiate the foundational tenets of free market capitalism? For the economy to perform efficiently, very little government intervention is preferred in the economy. Such doctrine has been a staple of Republican thinking for …

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Large Crowds Pay Last Respect to Fidel Castro

Large crowds paid their last respect to former Cuban President Fidel Castro, as the urn carrying his ashes passed by in Santiago, the birthplace of the Cuban Revolution, where he will be laid to rest. Fidel was one of the small group of revolutionaries who stormed the Moncada prison on …

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Did the Russians Rig the Election for Trump?

There is increasing controversy that the election machines were hacked. Was the election rigged to favor Trump? Did the Russians intervene again in America’s national elections to favor Trump, as they did during the election campaign? When Trump implored the Russians to please hack Hillary’s emails, did he know what …

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“Lock Her Up” – NOT

Apparently, Trump was just trash talking when he said he would lock Hillary Clinton up in prison. Like the fake wrestlers he used to work with, he knew how to whip up frenzied cries from his ardent followers. He made it look like he would lock her up if he …

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